Scene Request: Griffon Rookery

Basically, what it would look like to stumble upon the nest of a griffon. Extra points if you make a second one where they’re roosting in an abandoned village or tower! – Requested by (Alias: Stefano Imperiale)

Scene Request: Swords and sails

A Dwaven man and a fire giant coe own a collection of ships where dragonborn blacksmith and kobold helpers who enchants magical weapons and armor for profit . The ship are like the fire nation ships like long and angular – Requested by (Alias: Pirate king)

Scene Request: Bettys boudoir

A pirate ship that has many buff looking seamstresses half orc woman who work hard on there wheels or bucket dyes there are also half orc men who work hard inside of the ship making weapons . The captain a hexblood woman who enchants the armor and clothing that the orcs make and sales them […]

Scene Request: Books and boats

A magical book store and spell scroll shop on a ship. There captain a sea elf man who enchants and finds the books , tomes , and scrolls and his crew are salamander like creatures.there’s like a factory or laboratory look too it – Requested by (Alias: Pirate king)

Scene Request: Fungal bundle

A pirate ship that has a furbolg captain and who grows plants and fungi to sell on the sea. His whole ship is a green house. Fey like creatures that look like bunnies tend to the ship and make up his crew. There are a verity of different herbs, bushes fungus , and trees of […]

Scene Request: The pirate ship towns of the menagerie coast

The are four town in the ocean that are made up of different ships and boats. These are safe town for revelry pirates to gather information , trade, man power , and ship upgrades akin to water 7 from one piece. Towns Lavender lantern: inspired by the Han dynasty maison de scélérat: Inspired by the […]

Scene Request: Artillerist

Hey everyone! I was hoping to have a description of my next character to read for the YouTube video I do about them next week. I’ll give you the character concept and hope you have fun with it :). Basically, it’s a Gnome character that is an Artillerist Artificer. They will be multiclassed into Wizard […]

Scene Request: Plundered Crypt

(i very recently joined so please forgive me if the request is improperly done. I have in mind a SEQUENCE of scenes – and I will leave it up to you folks to decide which parts you would like to describe. we are playing dnd 5e.) Here’s the dry version: The party witnesses a huge […]

New Character Request: Kolle Volgrimson, the Undrowned

Kolle is a “Northman” human from the island of Ruathym in the Forgotten Realms. He grew up at sea and violence was a part of his everyday life. (Kolle’s heritage and way of life are analogous to a Nordic Viking from 9th – 11th century CE.

Scene Request: Cranium rats

The party will be in a wide, low ceiling cavern underground which has tunnels where rats are moving in and out of. They’ll be looking for a seemingly ordinary nest of rats, but the ones that crawl out of the tunnels have brightly lit brains as a swarm forms up to attack. – Requested by […]