I’m thinking of an evocative scene that brings in the fear and awe shown by the population when an Airship (think DnD Style Airship magic propulsion with sails and masts) arrives in a Medieval Capital City, a city of open commerce and multiculturalism, it is a high fantasy world so magic is common, but no one has ever heard of technomancy.

The way I picture the scene is the main characters are walking through the dock district, and suddenly hear the murmur of people, and then notice people running in fear and people standing in awe. and as they stand in the middle of the street puzzled suddenly from the buildings opposite to the pier the ship overflies them, in an angle so a description of the sails and bridge can be added, towards port as they rush in towards the port they can see the ship settle down in a free docking space – Requested by rvillarreal@gmail.com (Alias: Ramon)