Hello, my name is Mario and I am creating a 6 week Math class for my masters thesis using curriculum and https://www.classcraft.com/. I have the math lessons. I just need some story elements that the students can follow along.

Something cohesive, with daring & intrigue, cunning & betrayal. The summative assessment is an escape room event. I would need scenes for 30 class days. Where each week or so there is a major plot event. All leading down to the labyrinth.

1 Story
Wise old man guiding the students
They must use Math to save the world.
A few characters the students interact with, defeat or save.
30ish scenes that create the story to start the day.
6 end of the week cliff hangers or something like that
1 Escape room Victory Scene
1 Escape room Failure Scene (not punishing, perhaps they become the bad guys prisoners.) – Requested by mario.mongolo@yahoo.com (Alias: Mr. Mario’s Classcraft)