The party reaches the Gnomish industrial city of XXX (Pop – 12,000 – 76% Gnomes 10% Dwarves 8 % Humans 6% other) at 10pm and the orange glow of the dwindling forges can be seen for miles

The lower level is large forges, smoke, noise, pulleys, making machines of war for gold. All work stops at exactly 8 pm and it gets eerily quiet. One grumpy gnome remains a possible guide.

The upper level is where the gnome craftsmen go to wind down for a few hours, sleep, back to work – Loud Music, inns, taverns, brothels, alcohol, and Suede (narcotic).

After an hour or so in the upper level, a loud explosion is heard – smoke and fire can be seen a few blocks away – Requested by (Alias: )