May I request for a scene with these details/write-ups:

The PCs arrive at the port of “Casmara” the largest city in the continent. There are 100s of Warships, Galleys, Frigates, and etc from different neighboring Kingdoms, and the ports are extremely spacious. The sorts of people they see here are diverse with Dragonborn, half-orcs, Elves, Humans, halflings, etc. And everywhere they see there are ships unloading and reloading spices and materials. They would also see some ships being repaired and “upgraded” with various arcane technology they’ve never seen before such as runes, “Dragonheads” that spout fire from the bow of the ship, and different types of cannons and artillery. There is also a lot of green and plants everywhere. The streets are littered with scholarly individuals.

Thank you so much for your awesome work! – Requested by (Alias: goblinman)