A busy carnival goes on in a small town not far from a mountain range. The earth shudders and the mountain sounds as if it were breaking appart.
From within the mountain a power long dormant awakens. Its beacon a monolith, shuddering to life deep within a lost labyrinth. Smashing upward through stone and earth the gold and sandstone monolith over 500 feet tall rends itself from the top of the mountain. Magic releasing like a shock wave ripping the mountainaide appart and sending stone and earth tumbling for miles around. As the tsunami of stone settles the mountain range is now just a crater replaced by the monolith hovering ominouly in the sky.
A spiral of magical energy begins to build up creating a gate way from which metal creatures begin to fly forth. But quickly as if broken or interupted the spiral faulters and fades away. – Requested by freshlives_future@hotmail.com (Alias: Garesu_Kiennes)