“The Ancient Port of Shadows” as it’s sometimes known; if Waterdeep is the City of Splendor, Skullport is its antiphysis. A dark reflection of what lies above, Skullport is a shadowy three-tiered city, who’s levels are interconnected by narrow catwalks and rickety scaffolding and creaking houses built on stilts are haphazardly erected in a dense network that forms the shantytown.

Filled with denziens of the underdark, it’s hard to imagine this place being the last area of civilization as monsters and adventurers alike venture into the depths of the dungeon below.

Even though it is a city populated nigh-exclusively by the worst of mortal beings, they are motivated primarily by greed and self-interest. They are swayed only by power and fear. If you can prove that you are powerful and fearsome, Skullport can be an eye in the storm. – Requested by eatonchristopherd@gmail.com (Alias: )

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