This is based on a DnD 5E encounter provided in Captains and Cannons supplement from DM’s Guild.

The Drowned Maiden is a ghost ship that haunts the ocean,
trawling for wayward sailors the way fisherman hunt schools
of fish. Appearing on moonless nights, it extends a thick
green fog over its prey before its ghastly crew swarms over
the abyss to kill their unfortunate victims.

The Drowned Maiden is based off of the design of a sloop.
Due to its ghastly nature however, the wood has completely
rotted and taken on a waterlogged, green tinge. The sails are
nothing more than rags, and the rigging twists in the wind
like worms on the seabed.

It has a female captain, who is a wraith. She was formerly a noblewoman, drowned by her superstitious shipmates, who thought she, as a woman, was the bad omen bringing bad luck to their voyage. – Requested by (Alias: )

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