A goblin shaman chants rhythmically beyond a closed door at the heart of a desecrated tomb. The adventurers swing the door open to greet a plume of thick, waxy smoke from the numerous lit candles meticulously placed around the room. A goblin adorned in feathers and jewels dances and chants in the middle of a chalk-drawn magic circle. The chalk glows an otherworldly blue and though the door opening has caused the shaman to stop its chanting, the circle continues to pulsate with magical light. In this new silence, a small whimper can be heard in the far right corner of the room, where a small girl is locked inside a cage far too small to fit her. She is bent and contorted to fit within and the anguish of discomfort can be clearly seen from across the room. From the shadow beside the cage emerges a large, hairy goblinoid, ready to fight. – Requested by andergaine21@gmail.com (Alias: Derek E)