Once long ago, a group of adventures thought themselves to be the greatest the land and sea had ever seen. They seemed to vanquish evil and cease conflict where ever their path lead them. However, all are proven inferior before the Fallen King. Aaren, the Fallen King, had grown in power and was threatening to enslave the souls of the mortal world. The party descended into the Fallen King’s domain to dethrone Aaren and snuff out his plot. While the gallant gang succeeded in pacifying the Fallen King, only one of them survived the conquest. Their leader Maren the Modest, blamed himself for losing his comrades, and aimlessly wandered forsaking himself for leading them to their demise. Some say, on the darkest night, they hear the cries of expiring explorers followed by the image of a wandering knight. Most attribute this to the fog playing tricks, others say this is Maren searching for the souls of his comrades that were devoured by the Fallen King. (I picture this as a campfire story) – Submitted by gccapwelsh@gmail.com (Alias: Side Quest Cap)

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