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Cat at Dusk

Amid the cool evening dusk, a shadow coils atop a nearby fence, staring out with curious...

Terror in the Night

Mist veils the moonless night, choking words with foreboding. Amid the swirling cloudscape a flickering flame...

Swamp Wyrm

Sticky-heat had sweat clinging to the scholar's skin as he stumbled through the swampland. Fetid water...

The Rhyme of a Decrepit House

A looming doorframe, scratched and worn, forcing the abode to look forlorn. Its windows stare, sad...

The Rhyme of the Cavalier

Dappled and armored, the mount's coat a sheen, shining white with the purest gleam. The cavalier...

Templar Glade

The sun's warming gaze crosses the emerald glade as it lowers its heavy belly to the...