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Settlement Overlook during Winter

When you turn your back on the sacrifice site and look out to the world...

Blood Skull during Winter

The gore-soaked triangle cut into the huge goat skull points toward the ground. A...

Sacrificial Altar during Winter

Flames roar from atop the rib-like pillars that frame the altar, lending a warm glow...

Rib Pillar Path during Winter

The path that passes between the looming ribs of stone has been trodden recently, but...

Enormous Drum during Winter

A trail through the drifts leads to a large drum set on its side, its...

Prisoner’s Post during Winter

Snow covers the top of a thick wooden post set deep into the icy ground....

Mountain Crevasse during Winter

The low whistle of wind flowing up from the crevasse gives you the wild idea...

Rock Bridge during Winter

Though you stand exposed high on the mountainside, the air feels calm, allowing you to...

Mountain Approach during Winter

A chill runs through you that has nothing to do with the cold. This place...

Settlement Overlook

The shroud covering the landscape below draws apart, revealing a small settlement. It...