Dead Tree Crossroads

A solitary dead tree stands at the center of the crossroads. Its gnarled branches bend and twist unnaturally in stark contrast to the leafy foliage of the surrounding forest. Whether this was caused by fire or sorcery you can’t say, but it is a disquieting sight.

This map features day and night variants of an ominous dead tree looming over a crossroads. To the north sits a dark cave entrance; east and west appear to be more travelled thoroughfares; and to the south lies a fallen tree in the path and a steep drop-off. Toggle between day and night by using the box in the top right corner. Find descriptive text for various features by hovering over them on the map, or browse all included scenes in the list below. Works best on desktop.

Art by Lone Mapper. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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Included Scenes: