The Enchanter Academy:

Conjuring a curriculum for precocious spellcasters.

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Many learn to cast spells informally, from a gifted mentor or solitary practice. But some are lucky enough to receive a formal education in the arcane. Find the perfect description of these students, teachers, and their school for your next campaign with our collection of boxed text of the Enchanter Academy. A variety of scenes are available for free, but complete access requires a Hero subscription.

Enchanter's Polo is a field game played by teams of spellcasters astride mounts, typically Struttigons. One of the oldest and most popular sports among magic-users, polo is an exhilarating experience to both play and watch. Similar to the Quotidian game, teams must guide a ball across a field and through the opposing team's goal posts. However, instead of a wooden ball and mallets, Enchanter's Polo is played with magical equipment that requires a certain level of arcane skill to wield effectively. The ball is a glass orb, enchanted to withstand magical and physical forces. The mallets are made of a lightweight metal attuned to attract the orb, like a magical magnet. Keeping the orb attached to the mallet requires steady concentration that may be broken by another player’s will… or the general hazards and distractions that occur during the game. The final feature of Enchanter’s Polo—the game is played on different fields throughout the course of a season—adds to the trials. The standard array of fields is: Grass, Sea, Volcanic and Storm. Each field presents unique challenges to the players and their mounts. For example, the Sea Field is played entirely in a pool of water, while the Volcanic Field features spouts of flame that erupt randomly throughout the game.

Slightly resembling ostriches, Struttigons are flightless dragons with long necks, powerful legs and rotund rumps. They have nearly impenetrable scales that allow them to survive in a variety of environments, as well the ability to breathe fire. However, it should be noted that Struttigons most often emit fire as accidental belches in fits of giddiness, and rarely target anything or anyone out of anger. Unlike the greedy, destructive dragons of yore, Struttigons are generally friendly and playful. Their amiable nature and remarkable resilience make them ideal mounts for the popular game of Enchanter’s Polo.

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