Way of the Word

Community Scene Writing

Create a fantasy scene—such as a place, monster, item, or character—for adventurers across the multiverse to encounter! Submissions are professionally edited in house and published for use by GMs around the world! Way of the Word scenes are permanently free for everyone, and a great way to contribute to the community or hone your craft.

Before drafting your first scene, we encourage you to read our suggestions on How To Write Boxed Text for Your Favorite RPG.

Let writers know that you like their scene by clicking the inkwell!

Chat with other community writers in the dScryb Discord Server.

• Scenes that contain specific, named things, such as locations and monsters, published by Wizards of the Coast (and other publishers) will be declined, unless contained in the SRD.

• We don’t rush the writing and editing process. Please be prepared to wait for the scene to be edited and published. Thank you for your patience!

To submit a scene request, you must be a Hero member. Find out more here.