Gothic Ballroom

The red tiled floor, veined with a bloody patina, is tinted silver by the moonlight seeping in through the tall windows behind you. Stone pillars stretch up to the ceiling, the candelabras at their bases winking like sprites in the dark. Ahead, you see a chandelier has crashed against the floor.

This map features day and night variants of a Gothic Ballroom. Towering windows let in light at the south end of the room, and it’s fortunate they do because the grand chandelier has crashed in the course of the evening. Will your players discover how? Toggle between day and night by using the box in the top right corner. Find descriptive text for various features by hovering over them on the map, or browse all included scenes in the list below. Works best on desktop.

Art by Lost Acumen. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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Included Scenes: