Harvest Throne

The farmers who stooked their grain to dry must be cursing this dousing rain, but through the veil of water you spy something that makes you think the sheafs might have another purpose. At the edge of the field, a huge tree has been cut down, its boughs heaped into a nest around the stump. Atop the stump stands a throne of pale wood. Your hair stands on end as you realize you stand in a place of ritual.

This map features a “Harvest Throne” in two creepy variants: at night and in the rain. It’s a perfect setting for your adventurers to discover who or what has been massacring the local livestock or, perhaps, leaving disturbing stick dolls on the farmers’ porches. What will your players find? Toggle between night and rain by using the box in the top right corner. Find descriptive text for various features by hovering over them on the map, or browse all included scenes in the list below. Works best on desktop.

Art by Lost Acumen. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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Included Scenes: