Necropolis Entrance

Just beyond shallow, clear oasis pools, a box canyon opens in a mesa of red rock. Tall, square pillars stand before the ravine and line its sides. Sandy gulches bordering it emphasize an unnatural straightness that must have been carved. A path of white tiles with blue borders leads to an open doorway of stone that matches the pillars. Massive hands cut from the same pale rock support a gigantic statue of a blue-skinned, multiarmed being. A deity perhaps.

This massive map features the canyon entrance to a grand necropolis. Is it the source of an undead scourge, a sacred ground which honors the departed, or both? Find descriptive text for various features by hovering over them on the map, or browse all included scenes in the list below. Works best on desktop.

Art by CZEPEKU. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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Included Scenes: