He strides onto the scene like a Colossus, brandishing in one hand an oversized silver war-gavel so polished and sparkling that you can scarcely make out the words GUILTY and NOT GUILTY engraved on opposing sides. His blue cape billows in a convenient breeze exposing broad shoulders, which taper to an impossibly trim waist, and a heavily stylized symbol of the god of justice engraved on burnished plate armor. His other hand is strapped to a rounded shield: serving equal parts defense and branding opportunity, upon its thick concave steel is painted a righteous, winged hammer. You’re lost in the spectacle of it all when he smiles, and a rogue sunbeam illuminates his perfect teeth. But it is difficult to gauge his demeanor, or true identity, hidden as they are behind a mysterious mask. Nevertheless, you know that you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the cry, “Never fear! The Holy Hammer is Here!”

~ Played by bloodhadson