The towering stone structure seems to defy reality, soaring high at an odd, tilted angle. Banners flutter in the breeze, each depicting the sigil of a separate house within the school itself: a griffin, a wyvern, a dragon, and too many others to name. No door adorns the base of the tower—indeed, there appears to be no way in at all—but as you circle the tower, suddenly, you spot an entry hidden in the shadowed angles of the unnerving structure.

Inside, you find yourself passing classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dormitories, and grand halls much larger than the tower’s exterior might suggest. All the while, the passages by which you travel seem to shift at a moment’s notice. Suddenly, there is a dead end where a staircase just was; then, an opening appears, leading down into the darkness, where once stood only a featureless stone wall.