Behind the circus tents, a middle-aged man, handsome and still vital, stands between a juggler and an acrobat, the two of whom are mussed and flushed, with grimaces on their face. The juggler’s knuckles are skinned. Though you are too distant to make out the exact words, the man in the middle, sunlight shining brightly on his long, flowing blond hair, speaks in a tone that conveys both reasonable and soothing qualities. You see the expression of both fighters soften, then grow sheepish. After another few moments, the two step forward and shake hands briefly before going their separate ways. As if sensing you for the first time, the peacemaker looks directly at you, his forest green eyes immediately comforting to you in some inexplicable way. You also notice that there is a long scar stretching from the top of his collarbone to the underside of his jaw, by his left ear. He nods to you with a small smile, and steps forward to greet you.

~ Played by a Hero