The scars and bitemarks that crisscross the old man’s arms, neck, and face tell the story of a man that not only lived into his old age, but barely survived to see it. You wonder how many generations of armor he outlived before donning the patchwork suit of leather and metal plate he wears today. Though his posture is stooped, the muscles in his forearms that flex with each impatient tap of a finger against a leatherbound journal remind you of the enduring strength of a mighty oak. A well-kept and well-used longsword hangs at his hip, a patch of tarnish over the plate evidence of a hundred hurried draws. Sensing your appraisal, he flashes a grin before vocalizing an exaggerated humph. Shifting his attention away from you, he brushes back a wavy forelock of gray hair behind an ear, his left hand protectively over the hilt of his sword.

~ Played by Rogério da Costa Jr.