The figure snakes through a tangle of brush, avoiding the nearby game trails, making no sound, leaving no trace. No taller than a halfling but noticeably leaner, he treks just ahead of an uncollared dire wolf, its marigold eyes peering over the figure’s crown. Stopping suddenly, the figure and his companion cock their heads in unison. A practiced hand pushes down the grip of a slung crossbow, tilting up a readied bolt, while the off-hand pulls back the hood of an earthy-brown cape to reveal an unexpected countenance: a goblin face, features etched out in dusky orange against tanned yellow skin. The pair would be difficult to spot but for a large silver hoop that hangs from the figure’s left ear, gleaming in a stray beam of sunlight. Sensing no further disturbance, the goblin leans over to scratch his companion behind the ears, then chuckles merrily as the rugged wolf licks his face from chin to temple.

~ Played by Wellyn