Tossed out the town bar, stumbling and stained.
Says oh, I’m mighty, says oh, I’m strong.
Pulls out a blade and bouncers just laugh.
Put that down, can’t hurt us.

Shambling on home, shine catches their eye.
I could be mighty, I could be strong.
Finds a jeweled branch coursing with birr.
Put that down, don’t hurt us.

Slashes through air, careless and free.
Please make me mighty, please make me strong.
Flash from the jewels, and fire floods out.
Put that down, don’t hurt us.

Hecklers and pests cower in fear.
Now who’s the mighty, now who’s the strong?
Vengeance and wrath rain down upon them.
Put that down, don’t hurt us.

Thieves and robbers come to the town,
Showing they’re mighty, showing they’re strong.
Wielding blades and bows with practice.
Put those down, don’t hurt us.

One doesn’t bow down to the bandits,
I’ll show you mighty, I’ll show you strong!
Sees their past in the cowering peasants,
Brings them down, won’t hurt us.

Wand’s owner returns to the village,
Sees the wielder, mighty and strong.
How would you like to join the party?
Turn us down, won’t hurt us.

Takes their time to think it all through,
Wants to be mighty, wants to be strong.
Puts their new power to a good use—
Leaves the town, won’t hurt us.

Fights many beasts and stronger foes,
They’re just too mighty, they’re just too strong.
Comrades hoist them to their feet,
Don’t give up, you’ll hurt us.

Train and grow and start to master,
Learns to be mighty, learns to be strong.
Saves us from all brutes and monsters,
Makes sure nothing hurts us.

~ Envisioned by Jangowolf