No taller than an adult elf, the figure in black leather armor strides onto the scene as if surveying the entire area around him with one passing glance. Though he retains the pointed ears and lithe physique of the elf phenotype, his eyes are a featureless slate and his skin a pallid gray, marking him instead as a member of a shadow-touched race, a close relative to the elves. Yet, his shoulders are quite broad, nearly too broad, and his muscles corded, put on display rather suddenly as he flings a curious weapon straight up into the air. The connected blades hang for a moment like a crescent moon, high above the ground, then fall straight into the palm of an outstretched hand, cutting not one strand of the figure’s long black hair. A second later, two-halves of a sparrow fall into the figure’s waiting mouth, followed by a grisly crunch. Meeting his steely gaze, you decide against applauding the bizarre display. This is a man not to be trifled with.

~ Played by TheSaltySnowcone