The middle-aged human does not look up from the scroll he is studying at the standing library desk, instead raising his index finger to forestall conversation. Just shy of seven feet tall, the man’s frame is bone-thin, and he wears a style of clothing indicating a wealth equal to that of a well-to-do aristocrat: a brown, painstakingly woven vest over a long-sleeved white shirt of expensive cloth, fine trousers, and well-polished leather shoes. Across the top of a nearby chair, you also spy a neatly folded frock coat, upon which leans a simple, hand-carved wooden cane. His hair is cut at a medium length, with gray streaks at his temples standing out from his dark brown hair. With a start, you see a sinuous shape curl outward from his far shoulder, clambering down to the surface of the desk—an albino ferret, sniffing at the air. He looks up at you finally, his ice-blue eyes meeting yours, and you notice a deep scar leading down from the left side of his lower lip.

~ Played by Larry Harden