Striking down the last of your foes, you turn your attention to the summit of the cursed hill. Cradled in the grasp of enormous fiendish claws, hewn from the blighted rock, the plateau is a grisly scene. Skulls litter the gore-covered earth of the ritual site and an overwhelming aura of sorrow, rage, and loss assaults your senses as you make your way toward your goal. Silhouetted against a roiling crimson sky—untamed lightning arcing in all directions—the crystal hovers, bound by thick iron chains.

~ Envisioned by Leif from Devs & Dice

Cursed Hill

Part I: Base of Skull Hill
Part II: Slopes of Skull Hill
Part III: Pair of Red, Armored Warriors
Part IV: Summit of Skull Hill
Part V: Lich Beneath a Pulsing Crystal