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Access over 300 totally free scenes, forever, from the Scryb's Library (with more free scenes released each week), and save favorites

  • Access a selection of boxed text and use membership features, such as favorites


$ 39 87

Crowded cities, crumbling ruins, starry nights, and over 1,900 other sublime scenes

  • Unlock all boxed text of places and wilderness
  • Cost per month: $3.32


$ 79 99

Access every scene and map! Plus, access the Scene and Character Request features, and Way of the Word! The Hero plan includes all collections.

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  • Lifetime access to your scenes¹
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$ 19 89

Cunning goblins, loping werewolves, soaring dragons, and over 500 other monstrous creatures brought to life

  • Unlock all boxed text of monsters and groups thereof, including all monsters referred to in the SRD
  • Cost per month: $1.65


$ 19 89

A flick of holy water, a gathering fog, a dark word spat on the ground: over 450 finely crafted scenes of spells cast and their effects

  • Unlock all boxed text of spells, and the casting thereof, including all spells referred to in the SRD
  • Cost per month: $1.65


$ 19 89

A gruesome talisman, a feathery buckler, a legendary bow, and over 550 other descriptions of interesting and ordinary items

  • Unlock all boxed text of items and magical items, including all items referred to in the SRD
  • Cost per month: $1.65

¹ Members who subscribe to a Hero plan on an annual basis maintain access to all scenes published prior to the subscription end date, for life.