“And why not wear it? My father toiled in that forge while I ran off into the forest, leaving him alone with my mother. But now, as his last act on this earth, he leaves me this. Something to keep me safe on the adventures I thought he despised. So damn my creed! What are some ancient superstitions when compared to the true love of a forgiving father?! This is not some simple breastplate! This is the last embrace of a man I shunned all too quickly. A man who deserved a more loving son. Embrace me father!”

~ Envisioned by Treantmonk

What happens if a druid wears metal armor?…

Part I: Druid, Interrupted
Part II: Experimental Druid Armor
Part III: A Druid’s Last Embrace
Part IV: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust