The smell of charred meat and scorched hair hangs heavy in the air. A small crowd gathers outside the smithy, muttering amongst themselves in hushed, worried tones. “Did you see it happen?” someone asks. “A flash of green light, a strangled cry, and he was just… gone.” The unfortunate druid’s corpse smolders at the center of the crowd, a charred mass of burnt remains and blasted metal, peeled outward like the petals of a wilted flower. A skeletal arm hangs fused to the breastplate, the only hint that the pile of ashes and blackened bones was once a person. “He’s… melted,” an onlooker intones in an awed whisper. “Exploded, more like,” another replies.

~ Envisioned by Treantmonk

What happens if a druid wears metal armor?…

Part I: Druid, Interrupted
Part II: Experimental Druid Armor
Part III: A Druid’s Last Embrace
Part IV: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust