Temple of the Couatl

At the top of the temple stands an archway, shadow obscuring the entrance just enough that one must approach on foot to see whether the portal inside is open or shut. The shadow is cast by an enormous effigy of a king of the feathered serpents, fully twelve-feet tall at its uppermost point. A semicircular carving of the setting sun decorates the entire platform before the entrance, a symbol of auspicious beginnings in this culture—or was it auspicious endings? No matter.

This map features the exterior of a sunbaked temple to the celestial couatls. Time has failed to wear away its grandeur and, perhaps, its dangers. Find descriptive text for various features by hovering over them on the map, or browse all included scenes in the list below. Works best on desktop.

Art by CZEPEKU. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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Included Scenes: