Faerie Portal

Cresting the stairs, a gate within the tree’s trunk beckons you forward. The light radiating from the portal grows fiercer, brighter, as you draw near. Whispers seem to emanate from that light as it pulses and swirls. A foreboding feeling crawls up your spine as you peer into the placid light—and beyond, you sense a place of dark and cold.

This map is part of a collaboration with Domille’s Wondrous Works and The Reclusive Cartographer, which we dubbed Shadowfey Portals. It features two maps: this map, which is a portal in the Plane of Faerie, and a map of a portal in the Shadow Plane. Furthermore, as a Hero subscriber you have access to “phased” versions of both maps in which one plane creeps into the other through their respective portals, dramatically altering the landscape. We had a ton of fun working with these two talented cartographers, and we hope you and your players enjoy the result!

Domille’s Wondrous Works creates phased and animated battle maps on Patreon. Phased battle maps are maps for tabletop RPGs that evolve with the fight. The dungeon master can choose to progress the encounter to the next or previous phase at the top or bottom of the round, or at any time if the party is out of combat. While DWW always encourages gamemasters to have a primary encounter going on in the foreground, with the phases changing in the background, DWW’s battle maps are also challenging enough to hold their own as the main event. Phased battle maps provide enough terrain, threats, and challenges to keep the most experienced player on their toes!

The Reclusive Cartographer creates content that you can drop straight into your campaigns, give your players a little more inspiration, and to help bring your adventures to life! Here you will find maps for Encounters, Dungeons, Settlements and whole Regions; everything you will ever need.

Art by Domille's Wondrous Works. Support them to access variations of this work and more!

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