The silence in the room following the unforeseen stabbing of the court wizard is broken only by the final, shuddering breath of the victim and the loud splatters of blood gushing from the arterial wound. As for the murderer: both his form and the form of the simple eating knife plunged into the wizard’s back shimmer then melt away, revealing a lanky elf with dark purple skin, clad in midnight blue robes with accents of gold lame, clutching a triangular-bladed knife glowing with blue sigils. An evil grin is plastered on the dark elf’s face, a ghastly expression, especially when partnered with the dark red irises and black sclera of his eyes. Holding out his empty hand, he barks a single syllable, and an arcane quarterstaff with an amber crystal embedded in the top appears to grow out of nothing more than shadow.

~ Played by a Hero