Traveling along the road, you see a lean, solitary figure sitting comfortably on a wide tree stump made smooth by age and weather. Unarmed but for a simple dagger at his belt, you can scarcely make out his features aside from a few rogue strands of curly hair peeking out from beneath the tam-o’-shanter upon his head. Cradled in his hands is a large tome bound in leather and cloth, in which he is writing with the ease of countless practice. But as you draw closer he simply dog-ears his page and closes the book, stashing his charcoal writing stick somewhere in the homespun jerkin under his leather cloak. With a start, you see that he is wearing spectacles on his face—a rarity, even in these enlightened times—and that a long scar runs from an absent earlobe the entire length of his face. He casually reaches for a walking stick leaning against his tree stump, but makes no aggressive move.

~ Played by Ron A.