The cavern descends into a deeper darkness, and you stop in your tracks. Something shifts, some barely perceptible difference in the temperature of the air or its pressure in your ears. You’re not sure. You can’t be certain. But it feels like you stand on the precipice of an abyss. You strain your eyes looking for some telltale difference in the stone, hoping to find some proof of your fears in the depths of the shadows. You stand silent, willing your ears to hear the threat you feel emanating from the tunnel before you. But there’s nothing. You heave a sigh of relief and will your shoulders to relax. It’s just a cave, like all the cave that came before it in your long subterranean trek. You step forward and a chill runs up your spine and spreads over your scalp, raising every hair on your body. Going deeper into the dark feels like a dire mistake.

~ Envisioned by Soularius