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Vollkorn SC



Enchanter Academy

Intruder Drill

[Perceived] A short spike protrudes from the bottom of one of the strange bends in...
Enchanter Academy

Primer Grimoire

The first-year student’s savior—and overlord—at the academy, this book of spells...
Enchanter Academy

Tractatus of Mesmerizing Incantations

[Cover] This is a fold-out pamphlet of the oldest looking paper you have ever...
Enchanter Academy

Codex of Confidentialities

[Cover]The book is midnight-blue leather with embossed spheres and divination...
Enchanter Academy

Seven Stones of Founding

The founders of the Enchanter Academy each placed a stone in the tower when it...
Enchanter Academy

WizziPop(TM) Spittoon Fodder

This is a tin of small hard pieces of tree sap that taste like pieces...

Durah Kendi, Founder of House Lion

Lightly muscled and with a face that seemed chiseled from ebony wood, the fearsome...

Lenora Annabella, Founder of House Raven

The scholar founder and shapeshifter was the writer of more than two hundred tracts and...

Tayanna Taxus, Founder of House Badger

One of the fiercest battle mages in history, Professor Taxus was once asked her favorite...

Asclepius Fidius, Founder of House Dolphin

Writer of the Encyclopedia Globularia and smith of the Scepter Infidius, this man...