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Vollkorn SC




I Detect Thoughts with My Medallion of Thoughts

The dawn fills the medallion with its charges and I expend one now, thinking to...

I Cast Bless from My Necklace of Prayer Beads

This bead drew its power from the dawn of a new day, and now I...

I Breathe Normally with My Necklace of Adaptation

Billows of noxious gases and settling fogs of old spells gather and puff up in...

I Work on Deciphering My Manual of Golems

This is an impressive book, short and to the point. But each page is its...

I Set My Mirror of Life Trapping

I hear heavy steps approaching, which tells me it’s time. I take the mirror from...

I Study My Manual of Gainful Exercise

Time to settle into a comfortable chair, well fed and awake, to make as much...

I Throw a Bead from My Necklace of Fireballs

A strong, simple, primitive spell is sometimes just the right way to go, and right...

I Study My Manual of Quickness of Action

Over the hours, my lungs feel the effects of sprinting and my mind the blur...

I Paint with My Marvelous Pigments

With brush in hand, I contemplate the value of twenty-five pieces of gold and the...

Arrow of Time

The arrow flies silently until it impacts my target and a dolorous bell peals. Panic...