Character Request

Exclusively for Hero Members

Tell us about your character, or a player’s character, and dScryb’s writers and editors will distill the information into an evocative short description. Once published in the Character’s Collection, the character will begin to travel the multiverse, starring in major and minor roles across a multitude of other campaigns in addition to your own, such as the following three player characters:

• You can fill in as much or as little of the form as you want: The writers will use their imagination to fill in whatever you leave out on the form, so don’t worry about giving every specific detail.

• Focus on specific attributes that are central to your character’s identity; try to emphasize just a few things in your request that you most want to see when it appears on dScryb.

• Requests for specific, named things, such as locations and monsters, published by Wizards of the Coast (and other publishers) will be declined, unless contained in one of the SRDs.

• Please understand that we have to take into account copyright issues and consistency with the dScryb aesthetic, so if your request gets rejected, it’s not personal. Feel free to submit a different one.

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