2021-09-21. New set of scenes within the Planes Collection: The Plane of Faerie!

2021-09-17. dScryb wins an ENnie Award for Best Online Content!

2021-09-16. dScryb goes to Gen Con!

2021-09-13. New map released: Beneath the Temple of the Fallen.

2021-09-07. Items Collection released!

2021-09-01. New map released: Antlion Canyon.

2021-08-31. New scenes published this month (301), including A Druid’s Last Embrace, Cavalry’s Stables, and Lawmaster.

2021-08-02. New scenes (18), including Divine Cloud of a God of the Wind, Home of a God of Elemental Earth, and Birdfolk Bard, Bardy McFly.

2021-08-01. New scenes (8), including Welcome from The Blacksmith, Corruption of a Pegasus into a Nightmare, and Coppersmith’s Shop.

2021-07-31. New scenes (7), including Demon Armor, Silversmith’s Shop, and Quicksand Hazard.

2021-07-30. New scenes (7), including Deck of Illusions, Seduction Line about Learning Magic, and Insult about Outer Planes.

2021-07-29. New map: Ancient Battlefield. New scenes (10), including Vorpal Greatsword, Dying Violently, and Divine Library of a God of Knowledge.

2021-07-28. New scenes (15), including Phlegethos, the Fourth Circle of Hell, Shortsword of Life Stealing, and Intense Psychic Injury.

2021-07-27. New scenes (7), including Bard Victory Line, Seduction of a Dragon, and Crystal Ball of True Seeing.

2021-07-26. New scenes (13), including Mild Psychic Injury, Statues of the Temple Guardians, and Emblem of the Sun on the Temple Dais.

2021-07-25. New scenes (7), including Threat from a Quest Giver about Betrayal, Recession of the Sea, and Speech about the Plight of Poor Townspeople.

2021-07-24. New scenes (7), including Drought in the Land, Vial of Wyvern Poison, and Persuading a Henchman.

2021-07-23. New scenes (9), including Cold Snap, Cursed Ring, and Plane of Vacuum.

2021-07-22. New scenes (7), including Chariot, Madness Cured, and God of Thieves.

2021-07-21. New scenes (9), including Cart, Cursed Sword, and Indefinite Madness.

2021-07-20. New scenes (24), including Daybreak after Rainfall, The Warlord’s Announcement, and Upscale Party.

2021-07-19. New scenes (20), including Ethroe Clovase the Raven ShadowMancer, Anhew Fothisev, and Avatar of Bahamut.

2021-07-18. New scenes (7), including Belt of Hill-Giant Strength, Robe of Useful Items, A Plea to Retreat.

2021-07-17. New scenes (7), including Evergreen Forest, Home of a God of Renewal, and Robe of Stars.

2021-07-16. New scenes (8), including Pregnant Human Noble, God of Renewal, and Monk Contemplating Tranquility.

2021-07-15. New scenes (7), including Plate Armor +3, Home of a God of Elemental Fire, and Ring of Water Walking.

2021-07-14. New scenes (21), including Ring of Three Wishes, Cursed: Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws tied to Charisma, and God of Elemental Fire.

2021-07-13. New scenes (8), including Portal to the Elemental Plane of Wind, Arrival to the Elemental Plane of Wind, and Divine Gardens of a Goddess of Love.

2021-07-12. New scenes (20), including Pull of the Void, Tailor, and Leveling Up (11-15).

2021-07-11. New scenes (6), including Cursed: Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws tied to Constitution, Arrival to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and Slaver’s Ship.

2021-07-10. New scenes (7), including Breastplate Armor +3, Portal to the Astral Plane, and God of Protection.

2021-07-09. New scenes (7), including Vial of Torpor, Scale Mail Armor +3, and Arrival to the Ethereal Plane.

2021-07-08. New scenes (6), including Glassblower, Chain Shirt Armor +3, and Plague in a City.

2021-07-07. New scenes (6), including Divine Manor of a God of Treachery, Hide Armor +3, and Zombie with a Hint of Her Former Life.

2021-07-06. New scenes (6), including God of Treachery, Zombie Horde, and Heavy Snowfall.

2021-07-05. New scenes (5), including Brawl in the Tavern, Leather Armor +3, and Light Snowfall.

2021-07-04. New scenes (61), including Ruined Castle Gates, Flying on the Back of a Roc, and Scribe.

2021-07-03. New scenes (7), including Apparatus of the Crab, Candlemaker, and Meteor Shower.

2021-07-02. New scenes (6), including Investigator, Eriza, Potions Alchemist, and Forest Fire.

2021-07-01. Happy Canada Day! New scenes (6), including Adamantine Armor, Ashen Silverbright, and Sea Horse.

2021-06-30. New scenes (6), including Scorpion, God of Arcane Magic, and Traveling a Snow-Packed Road.

2021-06-29. New scenes (6), including Caravan Operators’ Station, Chapel in a Church, and Divine Home of a Supreme Deity.

2021-06-28. New scenes (7), including Pale Tincture, Approaching a Happy Village, and Stinking Zombie.

2021-06-27. New scenes (6), including Midnight Tears, The Cold Cook, and Horse Ranch.

2021-06-26. New scenes (5), including Caravan Campground, Essence of Ether, and Approaching a Starving Village.

2021-06-25. dScryb Foundry VTT Module updated to Version 2.0.0; now compatible with Foundry VTT Version 0.8.X. New scenes (5), including Interior Decorator, Assassin’s Blood, and Approaching an Anxious Village.

2021-06-24. New scenes (5), including Gallows, Stablehand, and On Deck at Sea.

2021-06-23. New scenes (5), including Royal Tomb of a King and Queen, Desert Ruins, and Theater Director.

2021-06-22. New scenes (5), including Village Gazebo in Summer, Closing Walls Trap, and Hot Springs.

2021-06-21. New scenes (4), including Garden of an Abbey, Iron Bands of Binding, and Parishioner.

2021-06-20. New scenes (5), including Strength Ioun Stone, Inventor, and Main Hall of an Abbey.

2021-06-19. New scenes (5), including Quarreling Couple, Yugoloth, and Serial Killer.

2021-06-18. New scenes (6), including Gossip, Sociopath, and Regeneration Ioun Stone.

2021-06-17. New scenes (5), including Arrogant Buffoon, Falconer, and Etymologist.

2021-06-16. New scenes (5), including Yeti, Long-Burning Hole in Ground, and Mourners at the Cemetery.

2021-06-15. New scenes (9), including Nurse, Intellect Ioun Stone, and Long-Term Madness.

2021-06-14. New scenes (5), including Strongman, Warrior’s Goodbye, and Cliffside Keep.

2021-06-13. New scenes (16), including Pearl Diver, Miner, and Warning About a Journey into the Unknown.

2021-06-12. New scenes (9), including Horn of Valhalla, Intimidating Bad Guy, and Trapper.

2021-06-11. New scenes (7), including Drunk Bartender, Elf’s Comradery, and Ship Frozen in Ice.

2021-06-10. New scenes (7), including Knight’s Retainer, Bartender, and Snowy Camp.

2021-06-09. New scenes (6), including Apothecary, Intimidation of a “Smart Person” for Information, and Grease, Oily and Black.

2021-06-08. New scenes (9), including Sewer Plague, Novice Busker, and Gem of Seeing.

2021-06-07. New scenes (7), including Nautical Tavern, Folding Boat, and Command Cast Against a Struggling Foe.

2021-06-06. New scenes (7), including Ruined Portal, Onyx Dog Figurine of Wondrous Power, and Magic Jar Cast with a Disembodied Sensation.

2021-06-05. New scenes (7), including Elven Throne Room, Grandparents with a Grandchild, and Thunderstorm from Outside.

2021-06-04. New scenes (7), including Phantom Steed with Radiating Eyes, Welcome From the Town Guard, and Eyes of the Eagle.

2021-06-03. New scenes (8), including Duke, Castle Spiral Staircase, and Legend Lore Experienced like a Forgotten Memory.

2021-06-02. New scenes (8), including Old Person with a Pack of Small Dogs, Fraudster, and Large Wooden Bridge.

2021-06-01. New collection: The Characters Collection! New scenes (8), including Longship, Creepy Tombs, and Teenager with Halfling Weed.

2021-05-31. New scenes (69), including Three Charging Cyclopes, Featherfolk, and Severed Head of a Colossal Statue.

2021-05-30. New scenes (5), including Drug Dealer, Quipper, and White Knight on Horseback.

2021-05-29. New scenes (5), including Tobac Shop, Dungeon: Dead Wizard, and Polar Bear.

2021-05-28. New scenes (5), including Dental Clinic, Explorer, and Dungeon: Hanging Prisoner.

2021-05-27. New scenes (5), including Panther, Runaway Teenager, and Dragon Skull Embedded in Volcanic Rock.

2021-05-26. New scenes (7), including Surge of Bubbling Magma, Lizard, and Dungeon: Moldy Corridor.

2021-05-25. New scenes (5), including Spell Scrolls Dealer, Lion, and Dungeon: Large Room with Pillars.

2021-05-24. New scenes (5), including Oasis Camp, Tavern on Stilts over Water, and Dungeon: Secret Rock Wall Opening.

2021-05-23. New scenes (5), including Soprano, Dungeon: Crumbling Rock Wall, and Town in a Tropical Paradise.

2021-05-22. New scenes (5), including Sphere of Annihilation, Tenor, and Thick Velvet Robe of Scintillating Colors.

2021-05-21. New scenes (8), including Vampire’s Manor: Coffin Sanctuary, Deaf Commoner, and Dungeon: Double Doors.

2021-05-20. New scenes (7), including Falling Net Trap, Dungeon: Corridor Turns Right, and Cozy Inn.

2021-05-19. New scenes (6), including Dungeon: Corridor Turns Left, Monk, and Ancient Dwarfhold Abandoned to Dangers from Below.

2021-05-18. New scenes (6), including Vampire’s Manor: Upper Hall, Cleric, and Commoner with Lycanthropy.

2021-05-17. New scenes (6), including Bard, Creepy Mausoleum, and Subterranean Cavern with Crystal Deposits.

2021-05-16. New scenes (5), including Brewmaster, Elemental Gem of Emerald, and Vampire’s Manor: Grounds.

2021-05-15. New scenes (13), including Dwarfhold with a Central Forge, Harbourmaster, and Creepy Graveyard Mausoleum.

2021-05-14. New scenes (134), including Farm Yard and House, Hiring the Player Characters To Deal With a Pack of Monsters, and Druidic Beastfolk Village.

2021-05-13. New scenes (13), including Halfling Scoundrel, Snowy Road, and Park Ranger.

2021-05-12. New scenes (13), including Rancher, Road at Night, and Valley. Search engine updated with English stemming so that, for example, “zombies” returns scenes with the word “zombie”.

2021-05-11. New scenes (14), including Swarm of Small Humanoid Plants, Dungeon: T-Junction, and Mystery Key.

2021-05-10. New scenes (14), including Hawk, Dungeon: Staircase Leading Down, and Prophet.

2021-05-09. New scenes (14), including Casting Astral Projection to Shed One’s Body, River-Mill Settlement, and Goat.

2021-05-08. New scenes (14), including Dungeon: Partially Submerged Corridor, Dungeon: Spiral Staircase Leading Down, and Fearful Ghost.

2021-05-07. New scenes (14), including Musician, Small Campsite in the Snow, and Elven Village.

2021-05-06. New scenes (90), including Vampire’s Manor: Coffin Sanctuary, Infant Gnome, and Abandoned Mage Hideout.

2021-05-05. New scenes (10), including Prison Warden, Cave Passage Narrowing, and Desert Nomads’ Tent.

2021-05-04. New scenes (10), including Desert Temple Entrance in a Cliff Face, Playwright, and Arcus Clouds in the Sky.

2021-05-03. New scenes (10), including Infant Elf, Nacreous Clouds in the Sky, and Giant Spider.

2021-05-02. New scenes (12), including Giant Shark, Mammatus Clouds in the Sky, and Mob Surrounding City Hall.

2021-05-01. New scenes (10), including Fine Clothes, The River Widens Into a Shallow Bog, and Newborn Half-Orc.

2021-04-30. New scenes (10), including The River Narrows into a Steep Gorge, Giant’s Staircase, and Climber’s Kit.

2021-04-29. New scenes (10), including Snowy Mountain Bridge, Giant’s Kitchen, and Colossal Open Pit Mine.

2021-04-28. New scenes (10), including Rope Bridge over Jungle Chasm, Giant’s House, and Barkeep.

2021-04-27. New scenes (10), including Keep, Shuttered Town, and Fresh Corpse of an Adventurer with Obvious Injury.

2021-04-26. New scenes (10), including Lazy Townmaster, Spider Cave, and Snowy Village.

2021-04-25. New scenes (10), including Giant Frog, Tornado Approaches, and Ruined Keep.

2021-04-24. New scenes (10), including Newborn Dwarf, Giant Fire Beetle, and Submerged Cave Entrance.

2021-04-23. New scenes (50), including Town Crier, Undead Legion, and Three Days’ Travel by Foot Through Jungle.

2021-04-22. New scenes (8), including Newborn Human, Creepy Mortuary, and Forest Trail at Night.

2021-04-21. New scenes (8), including Pickpocket, Grassland Trail at Night, and Short Descriptions of Five City Commoners.

2021-04-20. New scenes (8), including Tiefling Innkeeper, City Fire Brigade, and Nervous Guard.

2021-04-19. New scenes (8), including Hamlet Home to Mages, Giant Constrictor Snake, and Half-Orc Innkeeper.

2021-04-18. New scenes (8), including Arrival to the Faerie Plane, Vial of Acid, and City Port.

2021-04-17. New scenes (8), including Bustling City of Commerce, Very Rough Seas, and Earthquake.

2021-04-16. New scenes (8), including Calm Seas, Town with Many Young Nobles, and Shepherd with Flock.

2021-04-15. New scenes (32), including House on Deserted Island and Amulet Holy Symbol.

2021-04-14. New scenes: Hilltop Ritual Site and Yew Wand Druidic Focus.

2021-04-13. New scenes: Totem Druidic Focus and Gold Dragon Lair.

2021-04-12. New scenes: White Dragon Lair and Sprig of Mistletoe Druidic Focus.

2021-04-11. New scenes: Wand Arcane Focus, Black Dragon Lair, and Giant Centipede.

2021-04-10. New scenes: Hidden Thieves’ GuildGiant BoarStaff Arcane Focus, and Elemental Gem of Blue Sapphire.

2021-04-09. New scenes: Rod Arcane Focus, City Sewers, Giant Bat, and Efficient Quiver.

2021-04-08. New scenes: Orb Arcane Focus and Runes in Stone.

2021-04-07. New scenes: Giant ApeDust of DrynessCrystal Arcane Focus, and Ship’s Main Deck.

2021-04-06. News scenes (4), including Frogs, Dragon Slayer, and Pirate Ship.

2021-04-05. News scenes (5), including Flying Snake, Dimensional Shackles, and Elk.

2021-04-04. New scenes (47), including Blandalf The Younger, Dark Vampire God, Hobgoblin Warcamp, and Eagle.

2021-04-03. Cartographer’s Collection released! And, the dScryb Foundry Virtual Tabletop Module released! New scene: Deck of Many Things.

2021-04-02. New scene: Decanter of Endless Water.

2021-04-01. New scene: Dagger of Venom.

2021-03-31. New scene: Cube of Force.

2021-03-29. New scene: Crystal Ball of Telepathy.

2021-03-28. New scene: Crystal Ball.

2021-03-27. New scene: Cloak of the Bat.

2021-03-26. New scenes (19), including Cloak of Arachnida, Dark Waters of the Moonlit River, and
Dame Paige of The Flatlands.

2021-03-25. Nearby Tags page updated. New scenes: Fast Goblin Who Cackles, Carpet of Flying, Sympathy, Chime of Opening, and Goblin with a Shortsword.

2021-03-24. New scenes (56), including Roadside Well, Band of Novice Adventurers, and Orc Tribe on the March.

2021-03-23. New scenes (8), including Camel, Cat, and Crocodile.

2021-03-22. New scenes (8), including Black Bear, Badger, and Perfectly Ordinary-Looking Awakened Tree.

2021-03-21. New scenes (8), including Ape, Team of Wild Horses, and Flock of Sheep.

2021-03-20. New scenes: Brooch of Shielding, Northern Lights, Candle of Invocation, and Bracers of Defense.

2021-03-19. New scenes (6), including Drizzle of Rain, Berserker, and Mage.

2021-03-18. New scenes (25), including Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals, Ray of Enfeeblement, and Derrik the Cleric (The Holy Hammer).

2021-03-13. New scenes (6), including Repair Work with Tinker’s Tools, Early Morning Arrival to the Capital by Ship, and Bustling Halfling Inn.

2021-03-12. New scenes (26), including Graveyard at Night, Fallow Fields from the Summer Crop, and Gravekeeper’s Table.

2021-03-11. No new scenes today, but we’re polishing hundreds right now, and finishing up some really exciting new features and content. Thanks for your patience! 

2021-03-05. New scenes (20), including Northern, Coastal Mining Outpost with Cheerful Voices, Tari’th Darkmoon the Tiefling Fiendish Warlock, and Berserker Axe.

2021-03-05. New scenes (10), including Frankkóttir the High Elf School of Evocation Wizard, Jesshann the Dragonborn Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, and Tari’th Darkmoon the Tiefling Fiendish Warlock.

2021-03-02. New character scene: Amalae the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard.

2021-02-28. New item scenes (22), including Splint Armor, Scale Armor +2, and Shield +2.

2021-02-27. New scene from Scene Request: A Tenday’s Travel by Boat on a River. New character from Character Request: His Lordship Sir Dale of the Dale Lands. Other new characters: Sorilae the Hill Dwarf Life Domain Cleric, Ilyena the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard, and Gnarg the Half-Orc Berserker.

2021-02-26. New scenes (17), including Fallow Field, Hedgerows, and Crossroads Shrine. dScryb is thrilled to welcome many friends of MrRhexx!

2021-02-25. New feature: Character Request! New scenes: Scarecrow and Candle of Diligent Labors.

2021-02-24. New scene: Flesh Cobbler.

2021-02-23. New scenes (35), including Planar Binding, Moonbeam, and Mirror Image.

2021-02-19. New scenes (42), including Bane, Command, and Branding Smite. Nearby Tags page updated.

2021-02-18. New character scenes: Tatu Searis the Human Way of the Open Hand Monk, Ghry Manqula the Half-Orc Champion Fighter, and Elmheer Mossbeard the Hill Dwarf Circle of the Land Druid.

2021-02-16. News scenes (22), including Pet Store, Orphanage, and Monastery.

2021-02-14. New scene: Invisible Dragon Breathing Fire

2021-02-13. New scenes (32), including Elemental Plane of Water, Elemental Plane of Fire, Elemental Plane of Earth, and Elemental Plane of Air

2021-02-11. New scenes (22), including Arctic, Goddess of Darkness, and Goblin with a Bow.

2021-02-10. New scenes: Divine Home of a Goddess of Darkness and Goddess of Darkness.

2021-02-09. New scenes (5), including Stoned Goblin, Injured Goblin, Dying Goblin, Goblin with a Bow, and Goblin with a Hatchet.

2021-02-07. New scene: Urchin.

2021-02-05. New collection coming soon: The Cartographer’s Collection.

2021-02-04. New collection coming soon: The Characters Collection. New Scene Request published: Dark Casting of Cure Wounds. There’s also a new Friends of dScryb page to recognize the growing number of fantastic friends that dScryb has made since January 1, 2021!

2021-02-01. New scenes (12), including Small Orc Camp, Glacial Crevasse, and Ruins of a Small Village.

2021-01-30. Spells Collection released! New scenes (152), including Pass without Trace, Sleep, and Mass Heal

2021-01-29. New feature: Collections Indexes.

2021-01-23. New scenes (8), including A Positive Experience of Planar Travel, A Negative Experience of Planar Travel, and Portal Surrounded by Standing Stones.

2021-01-22. Update to the menu items. New scenes (16), including Jungle Hills, Rock Ledge Behind a Waterfall, and Bane Cast with a Drop of Blood.

2021-01-21. New scenes (18), including Holy Reliquary, Volcanic Fissure Vent, and Lesser Restoration.

2021-01-20. New scenes added (17), including Hold Monster, Haunted House: Bathroom, and Inflict Wounds.

2021-01-19. dScryb welcomes a new editor, Michael Guerriero. New scenes added (16), including Greater Invisibility, Haunted House: Library, and Haunted House: Main Hall. Nearby page updated.

2021-01-15. New feature: New Scenes page and corresponding gold badge flair on scenes published within the last 30 days.

2021-01-14. Site optimizations and bug fixes.

2021-01-10. Major site optimizations and bug fixes, including mobile; New scenes added (12), including The Sense of an Absence of the Weave, The Sense of a Harmony in the Weave, and The Sense of Disharmony in the Weave.

2021-01-09. New scenes added (15), including Stepping into a Portal, Stepping out of a Portal, and Mining Camp.

2021-01-08. New scenes added (15), including Erg, Ruins of a Citadel, and Desert.

2021-01-07. Bug fixes relating to the header on some pages. New scenes added (15), including Ancient Battlefield with Cairns, Desert Sandfall, and Arctic Settlement.

2021-01-06. Site and server optimizations have been implemented, cutting load times in half; New scenes added (16), including Floating Disk, Glen, and Find Traps.

2021-01-05. New scenes added (15), including Dispel Magic, Darkvision, and Fabricate.

2021-01-04. New scenes added (16), including Creation, Comprehend Languages, and Great Dwarf Hall.

2021-01-03. New feature: browse all nearby tags.

2021-01-02. Various bug fixes and UI improvements.