2021-03-05. New scenes (10), including Frankkóttir the High Elf School of Evocation Wizard, Jesshann the Dragonborn Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, and Tari’th Darkmoon the Tiefling Fiendish Warlock.

2021-03-02. New character scene: Amalae the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard.

2021-02-28. New item scenes (22), including Splint Armor, Scale Armor +2, and Shield +2.

2021-02-27. New scene from Scene Request: A Tenday’s Travel by Boat on a River. New character from Character Request: His Lordship Sir Dale of the Dale Lands. Other new characters: Sorilae the Hill Dwarf Life Domain Cleric, Ilyena the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard, and Gnarg the Half-Orc Berserker.

2021-02-26. New scenes (17), including Fallow Field, Hedgerows, and Crossroads Shrine. dScryb is thrilled to welcome many friends of MrRhexx!

2021-02-25. New feature: Character Request! New scenes: Scarecrow and Candle of Diligent Labors.

2021-02-24. New scene: Flesh Cobbler.

2021-02-23. New scenes (35), including Planar Binding, Moonbeam, and Mirror Image.

2021-02-19. New scenes (42), including Bane, Command, and Branding Smite. Nearby Tags page updated.

2021-02-18. New character scenes: Tatu Searis the Human Way of the Open Hand Monk, Ghry Manqula the Half-Orc Champion Fighter, and Elmheer Mossbeard the Hill Dwarf Circle of the Land Druid.

2021-02-16. News scenes (22), including Pet Store, Orphanage, and Monastery.

2021-02-14. New scene: Invisible Dragon Breathing Fire

2021-02-13. New scenes (32), including Elemental Plane of Water, Elemental Plane of Fire, Elemental Plane of Earth, and Elemental Plane of Air

2021-02-11. New scenes (22), including Arctic, Goddess of Darkness, and Goblin with a Bow.

2021-02-10. New scenes: Divine Home of a Goddess of Darkness and Goddess of Darkness.

2021-02-09. New scenes (5), including Stoned Goblin, Injured Goblin, Dying Goblin, Goblin with a Bow, and Goblin with a Hatchet.

2021-02-07. New scene: Urchin.

2021-02-05. New collection coming soon: The Cartographer’s Collection.

2021-02-04. New collection coming soon: The Characters Collection. New Scene Request published: Dark Casting of Cure Wounds. There’s also a new Friends of dScryb page to recognize the growing number of fantastic friends that dScryb has made since January 1, 2021!

2021-02-01. New scenes (12), including Small Orc Camp, Glacial Crevasse, and Ruins of a Small Village.

2021-01-30. Spells Collection released! New scenes (152), including Pass without Trace, Sleep, and Mass Heal

2021-01-29. New feature: Collections Indexes.

2021-01-23. New scenes (8), including A Positive Experience of Planar Travel, A Negative Experience of Planar Travel, and Portal Surrounded by Standing Stones.

2021-01-22. Update to the menu items. New scenes (16), including Jungle Hills, Rock Ledge Behind a Waterfall, and Bane Cast with a Drop of Blood.

2021-01-21. New scenes (18), including Holy Reliquary, Volcanic Fissure Vent, and Lesser Restoration.

2021-01-20. New scenes added (17), including Hold Monster, Haunted House: Bathroom, and Inflict Wounds.

2021-01-19. dScryb welcomes a new editor, Michael Guerriero. New scenes added (16), including Greater Invisibility, Haunted House: Library, and Haunted House: Main Hall. Nearby page updated.

2021-01-15. New feature: New Scenes page and corresponding gold badge flair on scenes published within the last 30 days.

2021-01-14. Site optimizations and bug fixes.

2021-01-10. Major site optimizations and bug fixes, including mobile; New scenes added (12), including The Sense of an Absence of the Weave, The Sense of a Harmony in the Weave, and The Sense of Disharmony in the Weave.

2021-01-09. New scenes added (15), including Stepping into a Portal, Stepping out of a Portal, and Mining Camp.

2021-01-08. New scenes added (15), including Erg, Ruins of a Citadel, and Desert.

2021-01-07. Bug fixes relating to the header on some pages. New scenes added (15), including Ancient Battlefield with Cairns, Desert Sandfall, and Arctic Settlement.

2021-01-06. Site and server optimizations have been implemented, cutting load times in half; New scenes added (16), including Floating Disk, Glen, and Find Traps.

2021-01-05. New scenes added (15), including Dispel Magic, Darkvision, and Fabricate.

2021-01-04. New scenes added (16), including Creation, Comprehend Languages, and Great Dwarf Hall.

2021-01-03. New feature: browse all nearby tags.

2021-01-02. Various bug fixes and UI improvements.