2021-11-30. New scenes published this month (394), including Brass Hunting Horn, Shadowy Shantytown, and  Cone of Cold Hitting Player.

2021-10-31. New scenes published this month (650), including Spear +1, Maddening Whispers, and God of Sailors.

2021-10-07. Spooky collection released for All Hallows’ Evening.

2021-10-01. The October Giveaway has started!

2021-09-30. New scenes published this month (421), including Nessus, the Ninth Circle of Hell; Oath of the Ancients Paladin: Lay on Hands to Remove Poison; and Potion of Animal Friendship.

2021-09-21. New set of scenes within the Planes Collection: The Plane of Faerie!

2021-09-17. dScryb wins an ENnie Award for Best Online Content!

2021-09-16. dScryb goes to Gen Con!

2021-09-13. New map released: Beneath the Temple of the Fallen.

2021-09-07. Items Collection released!

2021-09-01. New map released: Antlion Canyon.

2021-08-31. New scenes published this month (301), including A Druid’s Last Embrace, Cavalry’s Stables, and Lawmaster.

2021-08-02. New scenes (18), including Divine Cloud of a God of the Wind, Home of a God of Elemental Earth, and Birdfolk Bard, Bardy McFly.

2021-08-01. New scenes (8), including Welcome from The Blacksmith, Corruption of a Pegasus into a Nightmare, and Coppersmith’s Shop.

2021-07-31. New scenes (7), including Demon Armor, Silversmith’s Shop, and Quicksand Hazard.

2021-07-30. New scenes (7), including Deck of Illusions, Seduction Line about Learning Magic, and Insult about Outer Planes.

2021-07-29. New map: Ancient Battlefield. New scenes (10), including Vorpal Greatsword, Dying Violently, and Divine Library of a God of Knowledge.

2021-07-28. New scenes (15), including Phlegethos, the Fourth Circle of Hell, Shortsword of Life Stealing, and Intense Psychic Injury.

2021-07-27. New scenes (7), including Bard Victory Line, Seduction of a Dragon, and Crystal Ball of True Seeing.

2021-07-26. New scenes (13), including Mild Psychic Injury, Statues of the Temple Guardians, and Emblem of the Sun on the Temple Dais.

2021-07-25. New scenes (7), including Threat from a Quest Giver about Betrayal, Recession of the Sea, and Speech about the Plight of Poor Townspeople.

2021-07-24. New scenes (7), including Drought in the Land, Vial of Wyvern Poison, and Persuading a Henchman.

2021-07-23. New scenes (9), including Cold Snap, Cursed Ring, and Plane of Vacuum.

2021-07-22. New scenes (7), including Chariot, Madness Cured, and God of Thieves.

2021-07-21. New scenes (9), including Cart, Cursed Sword, and Indefinite Madness.

2021-07-20. New scenes (24), including Daybreak after Rainfall, The Warlord’s Announcement, and Upscale Party.

2021-07-19. New scenes (20), including Ethroe Clovase the Raven ShadowMancer, Anhew Fothisev, and Avatar of Bahamut.

2021-07-18. New scenes (7), including Belt of Hill-Giant Strength, Robe of Useful Items, A Plea to Retreat.

2021-07-17. New scenes (7), including Evergreen Forest, Home of a God of Renewal, and Robe of Stars.

2021-07-16. New scenes (8), including Pregnant Human Noble, God of Renewal, and Monk Contemplating Tranquility.

2021-07-15. New scenes (7), including Plate Armor +3, Home of a God of Elemental Fire, and Ring of Water Walking.

2021-07-14. New scenes (21), including Ring of Three Wishes, Cursed: Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws tied to Charisma, and God of Elemental Fire.

2021-07-13. New scenes (8), including Portal to the Elemental Plane of Wind, Arrival to the Elemental Plane of Wind, and Divine Gardens of a Goddess of Love.

2021-07-12. New scenes (20), including Pull of the Void, Tailor, and Leveling Up (11-15).

2021-07-11. New scenes (6), including Cursed: Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws tied to Constitution, Arrival to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and Slaver’s Ship.

2021-07-10. New scenes (7), including Breastplate Armor +3, Portal to the Astral Plane, and God of Protection.

2021-07-09. New scenes (7), including Vial of Torpor, Scale Mail Armor +3, and Arrival to the Ethereal Plane.

2021-07-08. New scenes (6), including Glassblower, Chain Shirt Armor +3, and Plague in a City.

2021-07-07. New scenes (6), including Divine Manor of a God of Treachery, Hide Armor +3, and Zombie with a Hint of Her Former Life.

2021-07-06. New scenes (6), including God of Treachery, Zombie Horde, and Heavy Snowfall.

2021-07-05. New scenes (5), including Brawl in the Tavern, Leather Armor +3, and Light Snowfall.

2021-07-04. New scenes (61), including Ruined Castle Gates, Flying on the Back of a Roc, and Scribe.

2021-07-03. New scenes (7), including Apparatus of the Crab, Candlemaker, and Meteor Shower.

2021-07-02. New scenes (6), including Investigator, Eriza, Potions Alchemist, and Forest Fire.

2021-07-01. Happy Canada Day! New scenes (6), including Adamantine Armor, Ashen Silverbright, and Sea Horse.

2021-06-30. New scenes (6), including Scorpion, God of Arcane Magic, and Traveling a Snow-Packed Road.

2021-06-29. New scenes (6), including Caravan Operators’ Station, Chapel in a Church, and Divine Home of a Supreme Deity.

2021-06-28. New scenes (7), including Pale Tincture, Approaching a Happy Village, and Stinking Zombie.

2021-06-27. New scenes (6), including Midnight Tears, The Cold Cook, and Horse Ranch.

2021-06-26. New scenes (5), including Caravan Campground, Essence of Ether, and Approaching a Starving Village.

2021-06-25. dScryb Foundry VTT Module updated to Version 2.0.0; now compatible with Foundry VTT Version 0.8.X. New scenes (5), including Interior Decorator, Assassin’s Blood, and Approaching an Anxious Village.

2021-06-24. New scenes (5), including Gallows, Stablehand, and On Deck at Sea.

2021-06-23. New scenes (5), including Royal Tomb of a King and Queen, Desert Ruins, and Theater Director.

2021-06-22. New scenes (5), including Village Gazebo in Summer, Closing Walls Trap, and Hot Springs.

2021-06-21. New scenes (4), including Garden of an Abbey, Iron Bands of Binding, and Parishioner.

2021-06-20. New scenes (5), including Strength Ioun Stone, Inventor, and Main Hall of an Abbey.

2021-06-19. New scenes (5), including Quarreling Couple, Yugoloth, and Serial Killer.

2021-06-18. New scenes (6), including Gossip, Sociopath, and Regeneration Ioun Stone.

2021-06-17. New scenes (5), including Arrogant Buffoon, Falconer, and Etymologist.

2021-06-16. New scenes (5), including Yeti, Long-Burning Hole in Ground, and Mourners at the Cemetery.

2021-06-15. New scenes (9), including Nurse, Intellect Ioun Stone, and Long-Term Madness.

2021-06-14. New scenes (5), including Strongman, Warrior’s Goodbye, and Cliffside Keep.

2021-06-13. New scenes (16), including Pearl Diver, Miner, and Warning About a Journey into the Unknown.

2021-06-12. New scenes (9), including Horn of Valhalla, Intimidating Bad Guy, and Trapper.

2021-06-11. New scenes (7), including Drunk Bartender, Elf’s Comradery, and Ship Frozen in Ice.

2021-06-10. New scenes (7), including Knight’s Retainer, Bartender, and Snowy Camp.

2021-06-09. New scenes (6), including Apothecary, Intimidation of a “Smart Person” for Information, and Grease, Oily and Black.

2021-06-08. New scenes (9), including Sewer Plague, Novice Busker, and Gem of Seeing.

2021-06-07. New scenes (7), including Nautical Tavern, Folding Boat, and Command Cast Against a Struggling Foe.

2021-06-06. New scenes (7), including Ruined Portal, Onyx Dog Figurine of Wondrous Power, and Magic Jar Cast with a Disembodied Sensation.

2021-06-05. New scenes (7), including Elven Throne Room, Grandparents with a Grandchild, and Thunderstorm from Outside.

2021-06-04. New scenes (7), including Phantom Steed with Radiating Eyes, Welcome From the Town Guard, and Eyes of the Eagle.

2021-06-03. New scenes (8), including Duke, Castle Spiral Staircase, and Legend Lore Experienced like a Forgotten Memory.

2021-06-02. New scenes (8), including Old Person with a Pack of Small Dogs, Fraudster, and Large Wooden Bridge.

2021-06-01. New collection: The Characters Collection! New scenes (8), including Longship, Creepy Tombs, and Teenager with Halfling Weed.

2021-05-31. New scenes (69), including Three Charging Cyclopes, Featherfolk, and Severed Head of a Colossal Statue.

2021-05-30. New scenes (5), including Drug Dealer, Quipper, and White Knight on Horseback.

2021-05-29. New scenes (5), including Tobac Shop, Dungeon: Dead Wizard, and Polar Bear.

2021-05-28. New scenes (5), including Dental Clinic, Explorer, and Dungeon: Hanging Prisoner.

2021-05-27. New scenes (5), including Panther, Runaway Teenager, and Dragon Skull Embedded in Volcanic Rock.

2021-05-26. New scenes (7), including Surge of Bubbling Magma, Lizard, and Dungeon: Moldy Corridor.

2021-05-25. New scenes (5), including Spell Scrolls Dealer, Lion, and Dungeon: Large Room with Pillars.

2021-05-24. New scenes (5), including Oasis Camp, Tavern on Stilts over Water, and Dungeon: Secret Rock Wall Opening.

2021-05-23. New scenes (5), including Soprano, Dungeon: Crumbling Rock Wall, and Town in a Tropical Paradise.

2021-05-22. New scenes (5), including Sphere of Annihilation, Tenor, and Thick Velvet Robe of Scintillating Colors.

2021-05-21. New scenes (8), including Vampire’s Manor: Coffin Sanctuary, Deaf Commoner, and Dungeon: Double Doors.

2021-05-20. New scenes (7), including Falling Net Trap, Dungeon: Corridor Turns Right, and Cozy Inn.

2021-05-19. New scenes (6), including Dungeon: Corridor Turns Left, Monk, and Ancient Dwarfhold Abandoned to Dangers from Below.

2021-05-18. New scenes (6), including Vampire’s Manor: Upper Hall, Cleric, and Commoner with Lycanthropy.

2021-05-17. New scenes (6), including Bard, Creepy Mausoleum, and Subterranean Cavern with Crystal Deposits.

2021-05-16. New scenes (5), including Brewmaster, Elemental Gem of Emerald, and Vampire’s Manor: Grounds.

2021-05-15. New scenes (13), including Dwarfhold with a Central Forge, Harbourmaster, and Creepy Graveyard Mausoleum.

2021-05-14. New scenes (134), including Farm Yard and House, Hiring the Player Characters To Deal With a Pack of Monsters, and Druidic Beastfolk Village.

2021-05-13. New scenes (13), including Halfling Scoundrel, Snowy Road, and Park Ranger.

2021-05-12. New scenes (13), including Rancher, Road at Night, and Valley. Search engine updated with English stemming so that, for example, “zombies” returns scenes with the word “zombie”.

2021-05-11. New scenes (14), including Swarm of Small Humanoid Plants, Dungeon: T-Junction, and Mystery Key.

2021-05-10. New scenes (14), including Hawk, Dungeon: Staircase Leading Down, and Prophet.

2021-05-09. New scenes (14), including Casting Astral Projection to Shed One’s Body, River-Mill Settlement, and Goat.

2021-05-08. New scenes (14), including Dungeon: Partially Submerged Corridor, Dungeon: Spiral Staircase Leading Down, and Fearful Ghost.

2021-05-07. New scenes (14), including Musician, Small Campsite in the Snow, and Elven Village.

2021-05-06. New scenes (90), including Vampire’s Manor: Coffin Sanctuary, Infant Gnome, and Abandoned Mage Hideout.

2021-05-05. New scenes (10), including Prison Warden, Cave Passage Narrowing, and Desert Nomads’ Tent.

A new giveaway to launch Way of the Word! by David
May 4, 2021

Dear dScryb Member,

It’s been a month since my last letter, but the time has flown by in an instant. For those of you that are new, welcome! My name is David. I created dScryb with my brother-in-law, Ben, and I tend to be the one to write these updates.

Way of the Word

We listened! Today, dScryb releases the most requested feature to date: Way of the Word. This feature allows those of you that enjoy writing your own boxed text, and who wish to share it with the world, to submit your finished drafts to our amazing team of editors. After receiving a professional edit and polish, your scenes will be published alongside dScryb’s growing collection of boxed text. Way of the Word scenes will always be free—never paywalled.

And to get those creative juices flowing, dScryb has published a collection of thoughts and suggestions about writing boxed text, titled, Thinking Inside the Box: How To Write Boxed Text for Your Favorite RPG.

Enter the May Giveaway!

To kick off the launch of Way of the Word, dScryb is giving away a treasure horde of goodies:

  • Blue Yeti Nano Microphone
  • Quill & Ink Set
  • Limited Edition PDF Collection
  • $40 Credit on DriveThruRPG
  • dScryb Annual Hero Membership

It’s free to enter: dScryb Giveaway.

Congratulations to “Gooby26”!

dScryb congratulates the winner of last month’s giveaway, “Gooby26”!

Gooby26 wins a Foundry Virtual Tabletop License, The Forge Game Master Plan, and a dScryb Hero Membership (to use or gift to a friend).

We thank everyone who participated in the giveaway!

dScryb Releases Digital Titles

dScryb has published over 2,100 scenes—that’s 300 more scenes since my last letter! So far, those scenes have been available exclusively through the website. Today, dScryb is launching three, select digital titles on DriveThruRPG for readers to own: dScryb’s Chilling ScenesDreadful Manor, and Haunted House. (Don’t worry if PDFs are not your thing—all of these scenes are also available on the site.)

dScryb will expand this collection in the future: there are more amazing works to come!

dScryb Welcomes New Writers

In the past four weeks, two writers have joined the team: Kip and Megan. They’ve been hard at work crafting new, inspiring scenes, and are warmly welcomed.

Join Us on Discord!

This community is growing fast and spilling out of our inboxes and past our Twitter character limits. So, we’ve launched a Discord server so that we can all chat and share our creations and thoughts in one place, kind of like the local inn. Ben and I are there often, and our writers and editors occasionally pop by to say “hi!” We look forward to seeing you!


The enthusiasm and support that we’ve received from the community has been a tremendous motivation! For example, Ted from Nerd Immersion used some dScryb boxed text in one of his amazing Top Ten videos. Ted writes, “We all know that time is a limited resource, especially when preparing for your D&D sessions. dScryb allows me to utilize a team of talented writers to fill in the gaps and add immersion to my campaign. So if you’re like me and your players have a habit of taking things off the rails, having dScryb in your back pocket can be a real lifesaver.”

The past four months have been a blast, and we’re humbled that so many of you have been using dScryb to help enrich your adventures. We hope you enjoy these new releases, and we can’t wait to hear feedback from you about them, or anything else. You can always email me via info@dscryb.com with your questions, suggestions, or concerns, and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks again for your support! Be safe, and may your adventures be interesting!

Yours truly,
David Shulman

2021-05-04. New scenes (10), including Desert Temple Entrance in a Cliff Face, Playwright, and Arcus Clouds in the Sky.

2021-05-03. New scenes (10), including Infant Elf, Nacreous Clouds in the Sky, and Giant Spider.

2021-05-02. New scenes (12), including Giant Shark, Mammatus Clouds in the Sky, and Mob Surrounding City Hall.

2021-05-01. New scenes (10), including Fine Clothes, The River Widens Into a Shallow Bog, and Newborn Half-Orc.

2021-04-30. New scenes (10), including The River Narrows into a Steep Gorge, Giant’s Staircase, and Climber’s Kit.

2021-04-29. New scenes (10), including Snowy Mountain Bridge, Giant’s Kitchen, and Colossal Open Pit Mine.

2021-04-28. New scenes (10), including Rope Bridge over Jungle Chasm, Giant’s House, and Barkeep.

2021-04-27. New scenes (10), including Keep, Shuttered Town, and Fresh Corpse of an Adventurer with Obvious Injury.

2021-04-26. New scenes (10), including Lazy Townmaster, Spider Cave, and Snowy Village.

2021-04-25. New scenes (10), including Giant Frog, Tornado Approaches, and Ruined Keep.

2021-04-24. New scenes (10), including Newborn Dwarf, Giant Fire Beetle, and Submerged Cave Entrance.

2021-04-23. New scenes (50), including Town Crier, Undead Legion, and Three Days’ Travel by Foot Through Jungle.

2021-04-22. New scenes (8), including Newborn Human, Creepy Mortuary, and Forest Trail at Night.

2021-04-21. New scenes (8), including Pickpocket, Grassland Trail at Night, and Short Descriptions of Five City Commoners.

2021-04-20. New scenes (8), including Tiefling Innkeeper, City Fire Brigade, and Nervous Guard.

2021-04-19. New scenes (8), including Hamlet Home to Mages, Giant Constrictor Snake, and Half-Orc Innkeeper.

2021-04-18. New scenes (8), including Arrival to the Faerie Plane, Vial of Acid, and City Port.

2021-04-17. New scenes (8), including Bustling City of Commerce, Very Rough Seas, and Earthquake.

2021-04-16. New scenes (8), including Calm Seas, Town with Many Young Nobles, and Shepherd with Flock.

2021-04-15. New scenes (32), including House on Deserted Island and Amulet Holy Symbol.

2021-04-14. New scenes: Hilltop Ritual Site and Yew Wand Druidic Focus.

2021-04-13. New scenes: Totem Druidic Focus and Gold Dragon Lair.

2021-04-12. New scenes: White Dragon Lair and Sprig of Mistletoe Druidic Focus.

2021-04-11. New scenes: Wand Arcane Focus, Black Dragon Lair, and Giant Centipede.

2021-04-10. New scenes: Hidden Thieves’ GuildGiant BoarStaff Arcane Focus, and Elemental Gem of Blue Sapphire.

2021-04-09. New scenes: Rod Arcane Focus, City Sewers, Giant Bat, and Efficient Quiver.

2021-04-08. New scenes: Orb Arcane Focus and Runes in Stone.

2021-04-07. New scenes: Giant ApeDust of DrynessCrystal Arcane Focus, and Ship’s Main Deck.

2021-04-06. News scenes (4), including Frogs, Dragon Slayer, and Pirate Ship.

2021-04-05. News scenes (5), including Flying Snake, Dimensional Shackles, and Elk.

2021-04-04. New scenes (47), including Blandalf The Younger, Dark Vampire God, Hobgoblin Warcamp, and Eagle.

An epic giveaway for a big update! by David
April 3, 2021

It’s been one month since my last letter, but it feels like much longer! For those of you that are new, my name is David. I created dScryb with my brother-in-law, Ben, and I’ll tend to be the one keeping all of you updated with what we’ve been working on and what’s to come.

dScryb Releases a Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop!

Today, we also launch the dScryb module for Foundry VTT! For those who don’t know it, Foundry VTT is a rapidly growing virtual tabletop roleplaying platform. It’s beloved for being developer-friendly, standalone, feature-rich, and self-hosted. The dScryb module is developed by an experienced Foundry VTT developer, Iron Moose Development, and takes everything you love about dScryb and delivers it conveniently and completely within the virtual tabletop application. The module also works in conjunction with the new Cartography Collection by offering Foundry VTT-ready maps and illustrations with walls and lighting set up!

Enter the Giveaway!

To kick off the launch of this module, dScryb is giving away a lifetime license to Foundry VTT, a year of game hosting over at The Forge, and a dScryb Hero membership! It’s free to enter: dScryb Giveaway!

dScryb Releases the Cartographer’s Collection!

dScryb has published over 1,800 scenes—that’s 300 more since my last letter! But that’s not what excites us the most. Today, dScryb is launching the Cartographer’s Collection.

There’s no easy way to describe this feature, you’ve got to see it for yourself. There are two free maps and four additional maps for Hero members. The maps and illustrations are the work of talented artists, and they’re brought to life with specially crafted dScryb boxed text. dScryb will expand this collection regularly: there are more amazing works to come!

dScryb Welcomes New Editors!

In the past four weeks, two editors joined the team: Nicola and Davy. They’ve been hard at work keeping up with the amazing writers and are warmly welcomed.


The enthusiasm and support that we’ve received from the community has been a tremendous motivation! For example, Jorphdan has been using dScryb boxed text to introduce his amazing lore videos, and Hero members have been enjoying the Scene and Character request features: Søren writes, “Thank YOU GUYS! This scene is truly amazing, and exactly what I was looking for. Cheers to all and well done!”

The past four months have been such a joy for us, and we’re humbled that so many of you have been using dScryb to help enrich your adventures. We hope you enjoy these new releases, and we can’t wait to hear feedback from you about them, or anything else. You can always email me via info@dscryb.com with your questions, suggestions, or concerns, and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks again for your support! Be safe, and may your adventures be interesting!

Yours truly,
David Shulman

2021-04-03. Cartographer’s Collection released! And, the dScryb Foundry Virtual Tabletop Module released! New scene: Deck of Many Things.

2021-04-02. New scene: Decanter of Endless Water.

2021-04-01. New scene: Dagger of Venom.

2021-03-31. New scene: Cube of Force.

2021-03-29. New scene: Crystal Ball of Telepathy.

2021-03-28. New scene: Crystal Ball.

2021-03-27. New scene: Cloak of the Bat.

2021-03-26. New scenes (19), including Cloak of Arachnida, Dark Waters of the Moonlit River, and
Dame Paige of The Flatlands.

2021-03-25. Nearby Tags page updated. New scenes: Fast Goblin Who Cackles, Carpet of Flying, Sympathy, Chime of Opening, and Goblin with a Shortsword.

2021-03-24. New scenes (56), including Roadside Well, Band of Novice Adventurers, and Orc Tribe on the March.

2021-03-23. New scenes (8), including Camel, Cat, and Crocodile.

2021-03-22. New scenes (8), including Black Bear, Badger, and Perfectly Ordinary-Looking Awakened Tree.

2021-03-21. New scenes (8), including Ape, Team of Wild Horses, and Flock of Sheep.

2021-03-20. New scenes: Brooch of Shielding, Northern Lights, Candle of Invocation, and Bracers of Defense.

2021-03-19. New scenes (6), including Drizzle of Rain, Berserker, and Mage.

2021-03-18. New scenes (25), including Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals, Ray of Enfeeblement, and Derrik the Cleric (The Holy Hammer).

2021-03-13. New scenes (6), including Repair Work with Tinker’s Tools, Early Morning Arrival to the Capital by Ship, and Bustling Halfling Inn.

2021-03-12. New scenes (26), including Graveyard at Night, Fallow Fields from the Summer Crop, and Gravekeeper’s Table.

2021-03-11. No new scenes today, but we’re polishing hundreds right now, and finishing up some really exciting new features and content. Thanks for your patience! 

2021-03-05. New scenes (20), including Northern, Coastal Mining Outpost with Cheerful Voices, Tari’th Darkmoon the Tiefling Fiendish Warlock, and Berserker Axe.

2021-03-05. New scenes (10), including Frankkóttir the High Elf School of Evocation Wizard, Jesshann the Dragonborn Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, and Tari’th Darkmoon the Tiefling Fiendish Warlock.

2021-03-02. New character scene: Amalae the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard.

The Scryb’s wish spell came true! by David
March 1, 2021

It’s my pleasure to welcome so many new members since my last letter! My name is David. I created dScryb with my partner, Ben, and I’ll be at the helm of our newsletters, providing regular updates of what we’ve been up to and where we’re going.

Over the weekend, dScryb welcomed a new editor, Dwayne Stange. He’s already been hard at work helping us play catch up with the amazing writing team. So, welcome Dwayne!

dScryb now has over 1,500 scenes published! I anticipate that the number of Character scenes will grow the fastest, and the collection will be released within six weeks. Of course, Hero members will have early access to those scenes, and any others, as they leave the editors’ desk.

If you’re looking for some ways to find new scenes, check out the New scenes page or the Updates page. There’s also the Nearby Tags page, which is another handy way to browse the collection.

Since the last letter, dScryb has released a new feature for Hero members: Character Request. In a nutshell, you tell us about a character, such as a character in the campaign that you DM, or your own, and dScryb’s writers and editors will distill the information into an evocative short description! We’ve received a bunch of great requests already. If I had to choose one to highlight, it might be His Lordship Sir Dale of the Dale Lands.

I’ve been extremely touched by the incredible enthusiasm and support that we’ve received from members of the community, both individuals and organizations, some of whom we’ve listed on a new Friends page. We’re honored and humbled whenever we’re recommended by one DM to another, no matter the platform or the audience. For example, on Friday, MrRhexx announced that he will be using dScryb boxed text to introduce his future lore videos!

In the past three months we’ve had the joy and privilege of providing boxed text to over 1,200 new dScryb members and over 10,000 guests. The experience has been almost as rewarding as when we first discovered the game. So, thank you, be safe, and may your adventures be interesting!

Yours truly,
David Shulman

2021-02-28. New item scenes (22), including Splint Armor, Scale Armor +2, and Shield +2.

2021-02-27. New scene from Scene Request: A Tenday’s Travel by Boat on a River. New character from Character Request: His Lordship Sir Dale of the Dale Lands. Other new characters: Sorilae the Hill Dwarf Life Domain Cleric, Ilyena the Half-Elf College of Lore Bard, and Gnarg the Half-Orc Berserker.

2021-02-26. New scenes (17), including Fallow Field, Hedgerows, and Crossroads Shrine. dScryb is thrilled to welcome many friends of MrRhexx!

2021-02-25. New feature: Character Request! New scenes: Scarecrow and Candle of Diligent Labors.

2021-02-24. New scene: Flesh Cobbler.

2021-02-23. New scenes (35), including Planar Binding, Moonbeam, and Mirror Image.

2021-02-19. New scenes (42), including Bane, Command, and Branding Smite. Nearby Tags page updated.

2021-02-18. New character scenes: Tatu Searis the Human Way of the Open Hand Monk, Ghry Manqula the Half-Orc Champion Fighter, and Elmheer Mossbeard the Hill Dwarf Circle of the Land Druid.

2021-02-16. News scenes (22), including Pet Store, Orphanage, and Monastery.

2021-02-14. New scene: Invisible Dragon Breathing Fire

2021-02-13. New scenes (32), including Elemental Plane of Water, Elemental Plane of Fire, Elemental Plane of Earth, and Elemental Plane of Air

2021-02-11. New scenes (22), including Arctic, Goddess of Darkness, and Goblin with a Bow.

2021-02-10. New scenes: Divine Home of a Goddess of Darkness and Goddess of Darkness.

2021-02-09. New scenes (5), including Stoned Goblin, Injured Goblin, Dying Goblin, Goblin with a Bow, and Goblin with a Hatchet.

2021-02-07. New scene: Urchin.

Latest Update by David
February 6, 2021

This is a brief update of what we’ve been up to and where we’re going.

Since dScryb’s launch on January 1, 2021, the team has been joined by a new editor, Michael, and a new writer, Puja. Michael and Puja are both amazing, and by now you’ve likely read scenes that they’ve worked on.

Hundreds of new scenes have been published, as well as some new ways to find them, including:


In addition to new scenes, dScryb has released a new collection: The Spells Collection. Items was going to come next, but we’ve heard loud and clear from podcast host DMs that Characters (NPCs and Commoners) absolutely must come next—and so it will. The team is not rushing it, but it’s currently the top priority.

Another matter that was rather unexpected has been the incredible enthusiasm and support that we’ve received from members of the community, both individuals and organizations, some of whom we’ve listed on a new Friends page. We’re honored and humbled whenever we’re recommended by one DM to another, no matter the platform or the audience. If we had to choose one endorsement to highlight, it might be Tyler’s from RPBGBOT.net, a resource that some of us have been using for years:

I’m really impressed by dScryb. They have tons of content already and everything I’ve seen is spectacular. They even take custom scene requests. Here’s one I requested: Dark Casting of Cure Wounds. Seriously, look at this and tell me that it doesn’t make you want to drop what you’re doing and play some games.

I promised myself that I’d keep this short, so I’ll end here: In the past 37 days we’ve had the joy and privilege of providing boxed text to over 300 new dScryb members and thousands of guests. The experience has been almost as rewarding as when we first discovered the game. So, for that: Thank you, be safe, and may your adventures be interesting!

Yours truly,
David Shulman

2021-02-05. New collection coming soon: The Cartographer’s Collection.

2021-02-04. New collection coming soon: The Characters Collection. New Scene Request published: Dark Casting of Cure Wounds. There’s also a new Friends of dScryb page to recognize the growing number of fantastic friends that dScryb has made since January 1, 2021!

2021-02-01. New scenes (12), including Small Orc Camp, Glacial Crevasse, and Ruins of a Small Village.

2021-01-30. Spells Collection released! New scenes (152), including Pass without Trace, Sleep, and Mass Heal

2021-01-29. New feature: Collections Indexes.

2021-01-23. New scenes (8), including A Positive Experience of Planar Travel, A Negative Experience of Planar Travel, and Portal Surrounded by Standing Stones.

2021-01-22. Update to the menu items. New scenes (16), including Jungle Hills, Rock Ledge Behind a Waterfall, and Bane Cast with a Drop of Blood.

Update by David
January 21, 2021

Following our launch on January 1, 2021, we received tons of helpful feedback as well as hundreds of new members from this community. We are absolutely thrilled! The purpose of this post is to say THANK YOU and to provide an update.

In the past three weeks, we’ve implemented the following:

We’ve also published 183 new scenes and welcomed a new editor.

The Spells Collection is about 60% complete and will be ready in 2-4 weeks (Hero members already have early access to those that are done). After that, we’ll begin prioritizing the Items Collection, while continuing to expand the existing collections.

I’ve extended the coupon codes from my New Year’s Day post, so feel free to use them.

I’ll be back in 2-4 weeks with another update.

Until then, happy adventuring!

TLDR: If you’ve ever found yourself behind the DM screen but at a loss for words, three professional fantasy writers have written a large collection of boxed text for your campaigns, and it’s all searchable. Enjoy!

2021-01-21. New scenes (18), including Holy Reliquary, Volcanic Fissure Vent, and Lesser Restoration.

2021-01-20. New scenes added (17), including Hold Monster, Haunted House: Bathroom, and Inflict Wounds.

2021-01-19. dScryb welcomes a new editor, Michael Guerriero. New scenes added (16), including Greater Invisibility, Haunted House: Library, and Haunted House: Main Hall. Nearby page updated.

2021-01-15. New feature: New Scenes page and corresponding gold badge flair on scenes published within the last 30 days.

2021-01-14. Site optimizations and bug fixes.

2021-01-10. Major site optimizations and bug fixes, including mobile; New scenes added (12), including The Sense of an Absence of the Weave, The Sense of a Harmony in the Weave, and The Sense of Disharmony in the Weave.

2021-01-09. New scenes added (15), including Stepping into a Portal, Stepping out of a Portal, and Mining Camp.

2021-01-08. New scenes added (15), including Erg, Ruins of a Citadel, and Desert.

2021-01-07. Bug fixes relating to the header on some pages. New scenes added (15), including Ancient Battlefield with Cairns, Desert Sandfall, and Arctic Settlement.

2021-01-06. Site and server optimizations have been implemented, cutting load times in half; New scenes added (16), including Floating Disk, Glen, and Find Traps.

2021-01-05. New scenes added (15), including Dispel Magic, Darkvision, and Fabricate.

2021-01-04. New scenes added (16), including Creation, Comprehend Languages, and Great Dwarf Hall.

2021-01-03. New feature: browse all nearby tags.

2021-01-02. Various bug fixes and UI improvements.